Tune-Up Tuesday | What is a Lever Drag Reel?

Posted on Apr 27, 2021

By Dave Brown

Tune-Up Tuesday | What is a Lever Drag Reel?

Lever Drag Reels

What is a Lever Drag Reel?

There are many types of reels out in the fishing world.  The most popular and widely used are spinning reels.  These are the reels you probably grew up with as a kid.  Then you get into baitcast reels which is very popular amongst the bass fishing market.  From there you get into conventional reels such as star drags and lever drag reels.  The question we get quite often is, what is a lever drag and how do I use it.

Okuma's Tune up Tuesday

A lever drag is generally found in larger saltwater big game reels.  They feature a tremendous amount of drag pressure for stopping the most brutal of fish. 

The Lever itself is what you use to create more and more pressure on the drag system, ultimately slowing down and reeling in your fish.  The more pressure you give, the more compression on the drag washers occurs slowing the spool of your reel. 

Okuma Makaira Lever Drag Reel

Within the Okuma lineup there are several lever drag reels to choose from.  The Makaira Lever Drag, Alijos and Cavalla lever drags are the most current and hard fighting reels out there.  They all feature a lever drag system.

okuma cavalla lever drag reel

In this video, you will get a walk through of the Okuma Lever Drag reels and how they operate.  We are getting into big game season, and its time to get your reels dialed in.

 Thank you all for stopping by Okuma.

See you on the water!


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