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541 Fisherman

The best channel on YouTube!

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54 Or Bust

We are anglers, like you, with a passion for musky fishing. We are located on the shores of world famous Eagle Lake, and fish all the major musky waters around us, come ride with us as we guide you around Northwestern Ontario's Sunset Country!

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Angling Addicts

Angling Addicts

My name is Nick, born and raised here in the PNW, blah blah blah. Basically all of my content is solo camping and fishing or just fishing, whether it's jetty fishing for rockfish on the coast, salmon and steelhead fishing along the rivers, or trout fishing different lakes, rivers, or streams. There's a few catch and cook videos as well as some "how to" videos.... does anybody actually read this?......i'm going fishing

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Backlash Angling

Dedicated to Adventure, Fishing & Good times

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Just me making fishing videos and trying to make some good memories..Thanks for watching :)

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Beach Bomber Fishing

Fisherman FIRST, Youtuber second. I primarily fish saltwater; Surf fishing, Jetty Fishing, Pier fishing.

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Bearded Brad

My name is Brad Warren and I grew up in a small town outside of Nashville, TN. I moved down to Gulf Shores, AL with my family in 2019 and fell in love with saltwater fishing. I started my youtube journey focusing primarily on surf fishing, but haven’t since expanded into a lot of offshore fishing as well. I have 5 kids, 3 boys and 2 girls, so when I’m not fishing we stay busy keeping up with all the little ones!

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Benjie Kim Fishing

Share my passion and techniques, and promote positivity and love for fishing

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Central Florida Outdoors


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Chatt Cats Fishing

Official channel of Chatt Cats Fishing | Licensed USCG charter captain on the TN River

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Chattahoochee Castaway

I primarily target bass, but sometimes I target other species! Sometimes, I go out and make awesome catches. Other times I go out, and I don't catch anything. However, each time, I catch peace of mind. This channel is for you to enjoy the outdoors!!

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I'm a Lake Michigan Kayak Fishing Expert, Coach, and Content Creator. My goal is to help you catch Salmon/Trout safely and successfully from a kayak.

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Chris Canning

One person with one goal, to inspire and change! Constantly developing the strongest version of myself.

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I fish all over Northern California and I am going to share my experience with you!

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Coastal Worldwide

Shark fishing can be an amazing way to not only experience the oceans top predators up close, but also aid to the conservation of the species. Here at Coastal WorldWide we strive to protect and conserve sharks so generations long after us can experience their amazing abilities. 

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Hi my name is Joe Lee! On my channel you'll find my latest fishing videos. I enjoy chasing all types of fish, and sharing my knowledge and passion of fishing with you.

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D&D Fishing Co.

D&D Fishing Co. The "D's" stand for "Devin and Dustin". We both grew up together and have been fishing with each other since we were just kids. In early 2022, we decided to document all of our trips and share them on Youtube and various platforms. Our Youtube channel is our main focus at the moment. We love sharing our experiences with all of you. We pride ourselves on high quality, entertaining content. Its always awesome running into our subscribers out on the water or in public in general.

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Dat Van

Just a kid that wants to chase his dreams

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Deadliest Kast Fishing

Hello anglers welcome to my Youtube channel here you will find fishing videos From the Northern California Bay Area all the way to Baja Mexico targeting species such as King Salmon, Striped Bass, Halibut, Rock-Cod, LingCod, Tuna, Sharks, Marlin, Wahoo, Mahi and more.

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Tennessee River Valley Fishing Guide Service

Join me, a licensed and insured Fishing Guide from Knoxville, Tennessee, as I take you on exciting fishing trips across East Tennessee. With a lifetime of experience and a passion for fishing, I've explored every lake, river, and creek in the area since I was a young child. Get ready for thrilling adventures and insightful fishing tips as I share my fishing experiences with you. Don't miss out on my weekly fishing videos, where you can witness the excitement firsthand. Book a fishing trip with me today and let's create unforgettable memories on the water!

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John "Toast" Oast is the publisher of Susquehanna Fishing Magazine ( and his popular Fishyaker kayak rigging video series has received over 8 million views. "Toast," often referred to as a "pioneer of the sport of kayak fishing" and "the MacGyver of kayak fishing," is an Okuma Fishing Tackle Influencer, YakAttack National Pro Staffer, and member of the MotorGuide, NuCanoe, Hobie Eyewear, and FishLab pro staff. He is also a member of the Okuma product testing team. Oast's kayak fishing exploits have been featured in various regional and national publications, videos, and television shows, and he travels extensively competing in kayak fishing tournaments and promoting the sport.

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FL Flatsmaster

My name is Donnie AKA - FL Flatsmaster. I’m a native Floridian that has spent my whole life fishing and enjoying the diverse ecosystems of the Sunshine State. I currently live and fish in the Southwest Florida region around Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Charlotte Harbor. I always enjoy freshwater fishing for largemouth and peacock bass, but inshore wade fishing on the grass flats and any other areas where I can get my feet wet has become my specialty and passion over the past few years. I love to catch big snook, speckled trout and redfish with artificial lures on light tackle. My goal is to continue to grow my channel by producing exciting fishing content along with tips and tricks that will help fellow anglers to keep lines tight.

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Get Bent Videos

A channel for all anglers whether your a seasoned angler or never picked up a rod. Fishing all bodies of water from the tiny creek to the wide open seas!!

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Hook 2 Cook

Fishing adventures on the central coast of California. Surf perch Largemouth bass, striped bass, crappie and trout! Sometimes we catch and release, others, we hook2cook

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Joe VT Fishing

Whats up guys! Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my channel. My name is Joe and I'm an SEC football coach turned captain! I grew up in northeast Florida and have worked on charters and commercial fishing for 8 years, I've also spent a year working on a long range charter boat out of San Diego that did 7-16 day fishing trips down Baja, Mexico! I feel blessed to be able to share all my awesome experiences with you all!

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Mash Man Masson

Outdoor writer and lifelong fisherman Todd Masson travels the Gulf Coast and beyond to sample the action for his beloved speckled trout as well as redfish, flounder, bass and more. Viewers learn the best techniques and locations for duplicating his success, and meet local guides and anglers who compete in some crazy challenges. Click SUBSCRIBE, and never miss a video.

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Owner of Fish Socks

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I catch fish
I make sox

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Nick Fish

A fisherman's life in the SF Bay Area, CA. Catch and cooks, giveaways, fishing reports, and more!

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Oklahoma's Worst Angler

Welcome to the channel of Oklahoma's Worst Angler! I love fishing, and love creating content! Largemouth is the goal, but we catch em all! Thanks for stopping by and hit that subscribe button!

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Outdoor Chef Life

Just a sushi chef out on adventures making good food from natural ingredients from the local environment.

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Angler, Writer, and Conservationist

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Salty Scales

Salty Scales is a one-stop destination for all things fishing, offering thrilling fishing adventures, gear reviews, and expert tips and tricks for anglers of all levels. Whether you prefer the calm of the shore or the excitement of offshore fishing, Salty Scales has got you covered.

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Southwest Fishing

This channel is meant for entertainment, tips tricks, and overall outdoors experience. My goal is to inspire people to go out and explore New fishing holes and search for fish. It doesn't matter what state you're in go out and Have Fun, that to me makes the experience truly amazing!

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Tackle Junky

For all things bass fishing, I'm your guy...I've got video's on everything from bass fishing to boat mods, tackle organization and SO, MUCH, MORE!!!

Check them out on Youtube: @TackleJunky81

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Top Knox Fishing

From a young kid trout fishing on the Clinch River with my dad, the love of fishing has always coursed through my veins. My years in college were marked by more time spent on the water than in a classroom. I cut my teeth learning how to fish for big fish from the bank. My goal is to provide creative content that allows people to learn all the ins and outs of fishing, while also promoting the beauty that is an innate part of that. I want my channel to be a place where people can escape and feel like they're on an adventure with me and my family/friends. Come along on our crazy adventures fishing all across the US, meeting new people, and exploring the local culture we stumble into on the way.

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Top Tactic Fishing

Welcome to Top Tactic Fishing! I love fishing for a variety of species but my passion is carp and catfish. Subscribe for weekly videos. Be sure to also check me out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. Fish on!

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Twisted Tackle Fishing

Join me as I chase the fish of my dreams!

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Wicked Outdoor Adventures (TN River Monsters)

Tennessee River Monsters Guide Service brings you some of the most exciting fishing videos on the web. Our host, Captain Scott Manning, is an extreme angler who has a passion for Monster Fish all across the southern United States. Whether it's catching monster catfish or casting for trophy stripers, Scott pushes the limits of big game fishing. Tennessee River Monsters has been featured in over 25 magazines and numerous TV shows.

Check them out on Youtube: @wickedoutdooradventures

Instagram: @tennesseerivermonsters

TikTok: @wickedoutdooradventures


Yakin with Jack

My name is Jack and I am based out of Pensacola, Florida. My Channel consists of a variety of fishing from inshore, offshore, land based, and in my kayak. Thanks for watching and for your support! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE for weekly fishing content!

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