Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Okuma Fishing Tackle and FishLab Tackle Pro-Staff, Content Creator and Ambassador team. At Okuma, we have an uncommon enthusiasm for the sport of fishing.  We enjoy every aspect of the sport, from preparing for the trip, to executing on the water, to sharing in the excitement of outstanding catches.  For us, it is the total experience.

Our Creator partners are critical to our success.  With exceptional content requirements to fuel the interest of our anglers, we require an extremely high activity level from our anglers.  It is not for everyone., and that’s okay.  Our staff is comprised of a small group of anglers that truly enjoy playing a role in the positive experiences of anglers across the country.

Here is a list of the general expectations of our Pro Staff, Content Creator and Ambassador team.

Video Posts

  1. Use of Okuma and FishLab products within posts and videos.
  2. Mentions of Okuma and FishLab products within posts and videos.
  3. Product links and mentions within descriptions of posts and videos.
    1. Links can be affiliate links.
  4. Tagging of brands within posts and video descriptions.


  1. Videos- 3 Videos per month with brand usage.
  2. Videos- 1 Video per quarter that is brand/product specific.
  3. Videos- 1 “unboxing” video per half year – Brands to provide product, talking points, etc.
  4. Social Posts/Stills (IG/FB) – 2 Per Month

We receive thousands of Pro Staff sponsorship requests annually and are only able to fulfill a limited amount.  If you are seeking a Pro Staff, Content Creator or Ambassador position with Okuma Fishing Tackle and FishLab Tackle, we have established the following guidelines and instructions for submission:

  1. All Pro Staff, Content Creator and Ambassador sponsorship requests must be submitted via the Okuma Fishing Tackle GRIN Live Creator Portal.
  2. Full name and contact information as specified.
  3. The reason you want to work with us.
  4. The State that you live in.
  5. The main body of water you fish. Freshwater, Saltwater or Both.
  6. List your primary mode of fishing. Boat, Kayak, Shore.
  7. You will need to connect via your Instagram to the GRIN system. You will see an area where you can link your various socials to this site. 

Fill out your application here at


If your application request is submitted correctly, you will receive an acknowledgement reply via the email you provide.  If your request is selected, you will be contacted via email. 

Please be sure to review these guidelines and follow the steps accordingly.  We thank you for your request and for considering Okuma Fishing Tackle and FishLab Tackle. 

Good luck!