Tune-Up Tuesday: How to Fish a Crankbait

Posted on Feb 02, 2021

By Dave Brown

Tune-Up Tuesday: How to Fish a Crankbait

Tune-Up Tuesday: How to Fish a Crankbait

One very popular way to fish for a variety of fish is fishing with a crankbait.  

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Crankbait fishing is pretty straight forward and can be done with a variety of equipment.  You can do it with either spinning or casting rods and reels as it is primarily the bait that creates all of the action.

What is a Crankbait?

A crankbait is generally a bait with a small or large lip on the front that makes the bait dive down under the surface.  


Crankbaits can either have the lip, as mentioned above, or can also come in a "lipless" version called just that, a lipless crankbait.  The lipless crankbaits still have the diving motion in which the body shape of the bait drives it below the surface.

In this weeks video, Dave discusses fishing the crankbait and offers some sound advice on doing just that.

We hope that this little segment helps to explain what crankbait fishing is, and can help you out in catching a few more fish on this very effective fishing technique.


Happy Fishing!

Dave Brown -Okuma Fishing Tackle



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