Tune-Up Tuesday: Anatomy of a Baitcast Reel

Posted on Jan 26, 2021

By Dave Brown

Tune-Up Tuesday: Anatomy of a Baitcast Reel

Anatomy of a Baitcast Reel

In this weeks Tune-Up Tuesday, we will talk about the Anatomy of a Baitcast Reel. 

Tune-Up Tuesday

So What is a Baitcast Reel?

Baitcast reels are very popular in the bass fishing world.  In fact, that is where you will most likely find the most of this style reel.  Once you get dialed in, they are long casting and can be deadly accurate.  They are a bit more difficult to master, but once you do, you might not go back. 

A baitcast reel is a reel that is usually in a low-profile platform that sits on top of your rod with allowing your line to shoot directly off of the reel and through the guides with minimal resistance.  The big difference between a spinning reel and a low-profile baitcast reel is that on a baitcast reel, the spool turns while on a spinning reel, it does not move at all. 

Baitcast Reels Inside and Out

In this video, I will walk you through each component of the baitcast reel and get you dialed in on the terminology you should know when talking about these reels. 


I hope this video helps you understand the components of a baitcast reel and gets you a little more comfortable while talking about them.  


Be sure to check out Anatomy of a Spinning Reel if you want to learn more about spinning reels. 

Good luck out on the water!

Dave Brown- Okuma Fishing Tackle

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