Tune-Up Tuesday: How to Cast with a Spinning Reel

Posted on Jan 19, 2021

By Dave Brown

Tune-Up Tuesday: How to Cast with a Spinning Reel

How to Cast with a Spinning Reel

One of the most common reels you will see when fishing is the spinning reel.  This is usually the first reel that a fisherman will have experience with when growing up.  But how do you cast these reels?  

Tune-Up Tuesday

For the most part, the spinning reel is the easiest of the reels to cast between Spinning, Baitcast and Conventional style reels.

In this weeks Tune-Up Tuesday, we will walk you through casting a spinning reel and get you ready to get out on the water.

What is a Spinning Reel?

You might ask yourself, what is a spinning reel?  A spinning reel is an open faced reel with a spool that does not move.  When you retrieve your line, the line is wrapped around the spool with other moving components.  

Here is a full article on the Anatomy of a Spinning Reel.  This article walks you through piece by piece of a spinning reel.  It is a good article to get you started. 

Casting the Spinning Reel

In this episode of Tune-Up Tuesday, Dave walks you through exactly how to cast your spinning reel.  It is a good idea to practice this a bit before you tie on that expensive lure.  


 As I mentioned above, it is a great idea to practice a little before hitting the water.  Don't get too frustrated with knots, lack of distance and extra line coming off your reel.  It is all about practice and feel.  You'll get it.  Then you'll get that first fish!

Good luck out on the water!

Dave Brown- Okuma Fishing Tackle

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