Tune-Up Tuesday | When to Set The Hook | J-Hook Vs. Circle Hook

Posted on Jun 22, 2021

By Dave Brown

Tune-Up Tuesday | When to Set The Hook | J-Hook Vs. Circle Hook

When To Set The Hook?

Setting the hook is something that every fisherman does from day one.  Everyone has seen fisherman on TV with the big, huge swing of the rod and setting the hook.  Is this something you need to do?  No, not necessarily.  And the big factor is what type of hook you are using.

In this weeks Tune-Up Tuesday, we will discuss if you should set the hook using a J-Hook and a Circle Hook. Both are very different, so stay tuned!

tune up tuesday j-hook circle hook set the hook

J-Hook Vs. Circle Hook

There are several different types of hooks that you will happen upon as you are at your favorite tackle shop.  The two most common will be J-Hooks and Circle Hooks.

hook styles j-hook circle hook

The J-Hook is the one pictured above on top.  It is most shaped just like a "J" while the Circle hook is below it and has a tip that points back in. 

Both of these hooks are very effective for fishing live as well as dead baits in both freshwater and saltwater.  They both require a bit of a different technique though once you get big. 

In the video below, Dave will walk us through setting the hook...or not setting the hook, on both of these style hooks.

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