Tune-Up Tuesday: Servicing Your Spinning Reels

Posted on Mar 02, 2021

By Dave Brown

Tune-Up Tuesday:  Servicing Your Spinning Reels

Tuning Your Spinning Reels

In this weeks Tune-Up Tuesday, we will discuss servicing your spinning reels.  

Tune Up Tuesday

As the ice starts to melt, you may be thinking more and more about getting on the soft water.  Jigging, casting, etc., for monster fish.  

One thing you might want to start to think about is getting your spinning reels all dialed in.  As spring approaches and the time change takes place, being ready for that bite is very important.  Checking your drags, and of course, getting your reel nicely lubricated for smooth operation.  

After a few months of sitting around, your reels can accumulate a good amount of dust.  In this video, we show you how to get your reel dialed in, and a couple of key lubrication points for your spinning reels.

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