Selected Okuma Rods are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty which covers defects in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the rod.  If the rod should break under these conditions then please return the rod to Okuma Fishing Tackle at the address listed below.  This warranty does not apply for commercial use of rods.  If any alterations are made to the original factory rod then all warranties are void.

All rods being sent in for either warranty or repair must be shipped prepaid and insured.  Prior to shipping your product please call either (800) GO-OKUMA or (909) 923-2828 to obtain a Return Authorization Number.   This number should be placed on the outside of the box in a location clearly visible for our customer service staff.  If your rod is being repaired and is not covered under warranty, our customer service technicians will notify you of any estimates prior to initiating the work order.  Okuma Fishing Tackle Corporation shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages.

Should Okuma determine that the rod breakage occurred due to accident, misuse or normal wear and tear, then your claim will not be covered under warranty.  If your rod is not covered under the terms of our warranty, Okuma has implemented additional programs to help you get back fishing as quickly as possible.  See below for our three tier program for rod replacement.

If Okuma determines that your product falls within our warranty and we decide to replace the damaged rod, but no longer offer that particular model, we will replace it with a comparable product that we determine is closest to your original model and of equal value from our existing product line. 

Okuma offers anglers three flexible options for replacement or repair of your damaged fishing rod.

  • Limited Lifetime standard warranty: As mentioned above, you can send your rod to Okuma under our “Limited Lifetime Warranty” program.  This process requires a payment of $19.95 to cover return shipping and handling that should be included with your return.  If we determine that the rod damage is covered under warranty we will either repair or replace the rod and send it back freight prepaid.  If it is determined that this rod damage is from misuse, abuse or something other than a manufacturers defect, then our customer service will contact you with replacement and repair options. Please note, damage to the rods, rod guides, or rod blanks from your truck tires, ceiling fans, etc. will not be covered under warranty.  Breakage due to any of the above reasons or by natural disaster are not the result of a manufacturers defect and will not be covered under warranty.  Note:  Canadian, Hawaiian and Alaskan customers must pay an additional $5.00 for shipping and handling.

Standard Warranty Procedure:

  1. Contact Okuma Customer Service at (909) 923-2828.
  2. Customer Service will provide an RA# which must be included with your return.
  3. Include Name, Return Address, Telephone number, Proof of Purchase and RA# with your return.
  4. Ship entire rod and information back to Okuma at address below with a check for $19.95 for return shipping.
  5. Customer Service will contact you after Okuma receives the rod do go over repair or replacement.


  • Accelerated Replacement Program: If you are unsure that your rod damage is covered under warranty and you wish to avoid the wait time involved with the warranty process and examination period, your Limited Lifetime Warranty rod may be replaced at a flat cost of $50.00 under our Accelerated Replacement Program (Rods under $60 retail will be replaced for $30).  Okuma will ship you the replacement rod with the freight pre-paid.  In order to qualify for this program you must be the original owner, provide proof of purchase and or have registered your product online.  This accelerated replacement program is only valid for up to 3-years from the date of purchase.  If you want to take advantage of the Accelerated Replacement Program, you must cut a 6” section of the rod blank that includes the model name, 4-digit LOT number, and model number and send it to the Okuma warranty center.  Any rod already replaced under this program is no longer eligible for the Accelerated Replacement  Note:  Canadian, Hawaiian and Alaskan customers must pay an additional $20.00 for shipping and handling.


  • High Performance Upgrade Program: No angler wants to worry about or deal with broken products, however we at Okuma realize that things can and do go wrong while on the water.  We want to try and make your customer service experience with Okuma as pleasant and painless as possible.  Therefore, we have created a third option for those of you that have registered your “Limited Lifetime Warranty” rods with Okuma.  If your rod breaks for any reason, you have the ability to get it replaced with that hot new upgraded model that you have been reading all about.  Simply contact our customer service department and provide them with the model rod that you currently have.  Customer service will then give you the retail price of your rod, and cost difference of your existing rod and the upgrade model you desire.  All you have to do is pay the $50 upgrade fee and pay the difference between the retail prices on the rods. For example if your current rod retails for $89.99 and the rod you want is $109.99 you will pay $50 and the difference in price of $20.00.  If you are taking advantage of the High Performance Upgrade Program then you must cut at least a 6” section of the rod blank that includes the models name, 4-digit LOT number and model number and send it to Okuma Customer service prior to the new rod being shipped. This upgrade program is only valid for up to 3 years from the time of purchase.  Note:  Canadian, Hawaiian and Alaskan customers must pay an additional $20.00 for shipping and handling.

Shipping and Packaging Instructions

When taking advantage of our Limited Lifetime Standard Warranty anglers must return the entire rod, including broken parts to Okuma’s customer service department. Please include a note with your name, address, and telephone number along with the Return Authorization number provided to you from our customer service representative.  The RA number should be clearly printed on the outside of the box.  Once we receive your payment of $19.95 we will then process your warranty claim and prepay return freight by standard ground shipping.

Return Rods To:
Okuma Fishing Tackle Corporation
Attn: Customer Service Department
2310 East Locust Court
Ontario, California 91761, USA
(909) 923-2828