Surf 8K Long Casting Surf Reel

Posted on Oct 17, 2018

By Dave Brown

Surf 8K Long Casting Surf Reel

This year Okuma introduced the newest addition to their Surf fishing lineup, the Surf 8K.  The 8K refers to its size, an 8,000.  This is a large size, long casting surf reel made for ultra long casts from the beach. 

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Its over sized, tapered spool holds over 770yds of 12lb mono giving you the capacity to really bomb a cast.  The spool is two tone anodized machined aluminum for the ultimate in durability and it is stabilized by a heavy duty, brass Dual Force Drag and spool shaft stabilizer. 

The Surf 8K also features a a slow oscillation system for the ultimate in line lay which is what you want when you have an oversized spool. 

The Cyclonic Flow Rotor technology that Okuma uses sweeps moisture away from the reel with every turn of the handle.

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Here is a  full look a the Okuma Surf 8K and the technology involved in this high tech reel.


For more information on the Surf 8K Long Casting Spinning Reels, please check out Surf 8K.

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