Okuma Kokanee Black Rods- Available Now

The Okuma Kokanee Black series of rods are the latest addition to a deep lineup of rods targeting Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, and Kokanee.  The Kokanee Black rods were designed for the hardcore Kokanee fisherman with specially tapered rod blanks for specific Kokanee applications.

 The Kokanee Black series of kokanee rods were designed with the latest technology and insight from key kokanee fisherman in the pacific northwest.  These rods utilize a specially designed glass blank that has a thin walled design, but provides extreme power and durability. 

 “The Kokanee fishery has some specific needs when it comes to rod design,” states John Bretza, Product Development Manager.  “For that reason, we worked closely with the best Kokanee fisherman in the northwest and came up with rods to match.”

 The Kokanee Black series of rods contain five key models covering the most common kokanee techniques.  There are three casting models that include a 7-foot 6-inch light action, 8-foot light action and a 9-foot medium light action, as well as two spinning models that include a 7-foot 6-inch and 8-foot light action rods. 

 The component system on the Kokanee Black series of rods are second to none featuring Fuji premium reel seats, SeaGuide stainless steel frames with Titanium Oxide for braided line use.  The rods also feature 3K woven carbon fiber fore and rear grips for ease of use with various rod holders. 


  • Aug 01, 2018
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