Okuma Cold Water Low Profile Line Counters

A couple of seasons ago the fishing scene was taken by storm by the new Okuma Cold Water Low Profile Line Counters.  These are a compact line counter reel built into a baitcast platform.  The Okuma Cold Water Low Pro was built off of the popular Komodo design. 

These slim, compact reels fit right in the palm of your hand.  With an aluminum handle side side plate and graphite frame and opposite side plate, these reels are light and strong.  Now in both a 350 and 450 size, they cover most of your light trolling needs and put out upwards of 30lbs of drag on the larger of the two.  

Also available in both left and right hand designs, they have most anglers covered. 

To find out more and see the entire Cold Water Low Profile Line Counter lineup, please visit www.okumafishingusa.com. 

  • Oct 04, 2018
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