FishLab Introduces New Nature Series Baits - Swimming Action To Die For

Posted on May 25, 2022

By Bianca Barberena

FishLab Introduces New Nature Series Baits - Swimming Action To Die For

FishLab Tackle is becoming known for its high-quality baits and lifelike swimming actions and for 2022, adding award winning lure designer Bill Siemantel of BBZ Baits to the mix, it is sure to be a great year on and off the water.

For 2022, FishLab has taken their methodical approach to bait design back to nature. With all the radical soft bait designs that come out every year, FishLab wanted to keep it simple and pointed directly at what fish eat coming up with the Nature Series Creature Baits.

“This Nature Series of baits has been something I have been working on and designing for years,” states Bill Siemantel – BBZ Baits. “Mike and I have been fine-tuning this series for a couple of seasons and have gotten it really dialed in.”

The FishLab Nature Series Create Baits feature four individual designs within the family.

The Nature Series Flippin’ Frog, Nature Cover Bird, Nature Flutter Nymph and Kickin’ Craw. Each of these baits is unique and designed to draw in big strike in and around the heaviest of cover.

Nature Series Flippin’ Frog is the first design up and comes in a 3 ½” and magnum 4 ¼” sizing. The Flippin’ Frog has a classic creature bait shape with new natural creature looks. Offering a ton of secondary movement, these are great for throwing into the thick stuff.

Nature Series Cover Bird is designed to mimic baby birds falling out of their nests into the water. These baits come in at 4 ¼” and the magnum 5” size.

Nature Series Flutter Nymph is a creature bait with a sleek shape and four paddle kicking wings. Available in a compact 3 ½” and magnum 4 ¼” size, they have you covered for your flipping and pitching needs.

Nature Series Kickin’ Craw features a classic craw shape with a large flailing skirt, kicking claws and a ton of secondary movement to draw in big strikes. Available in a compact 3 ½” and magnum 4 ¼” size.

With eight tournament winning proven colors for any type of fishing or water conditions, the Nature Series Creature Baits have you covered. The bodies come 6 to a pack and are designed to be fished on a multitude of 3/0 to 5/0 hook styles.

The FishLab Nature Series Creature Baits will have a retail price of $6.99.

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