Okuma Surf 8K Long Casting Surf Reel

Posted on Jul 27, 2018

By Dave Brown

Okuma Surf 8K Long Casting Surf Reel

The Okuma Surf 8K long casting surf spinning reel features the latest technology to give the angler the ultimate distance on every cast.  Today's anglers want lightweight reels that they can cast all day and have extreme capacity for the ultimate in distance.  The Surf 8K was built to be the top caster in its category. 

The Surf 8K long casting spinning reel was designed with the leading surf fisherman around the country.  The Surf 8K features graphite rotor, side plates and frame for light weight feel and durability.  The aluminum tapered spool gives minimal resistance for free line release creating extreme distance.  Another key technology in the Surf 8K reel is the slow oscillation system.  This slower oscillation system gives an exceptional line lay upon retrieve, and is optimized for use with braided line.

Here is a short video of Product Development Manager John Bretza discussing the new Okuma Surf 8K Reel.

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