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In Depth Outdoors

In-­Depth Outdoors TV brings you 26 weeks of ice and open water action, with each episode being broadcast in the same week it is filmed. Tune in to In­-Depth Outdoors every Sunday on Fox Sports North at 8 AM (CST) for the latest info on the hottest bites and most­ effective fish catching techniques from your favorite lakes and rivers across the midwest and Canada.  If Fox Sports North is out of market, be sure to check us out on YouTube!

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Stoked On Fishing

Stoked On Fishing is a travel adventure fishing show on Fox Sports that takes you on a wild ride around the world to capture the true essence of what the sport of fishing is all about.  Executive Producer Shea McIntee takes you to the hottest saltwater and freshwater destinations and captures  fisherman who are stoked on the sport of fishing. Stoked On Fishing is filmed and produced by fisherman for fisherman.

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Outdoor GPS

Outdoor GPS launched in July 2008 to serve hunters and fishermen in the Northwest. Outdoor GPS is a live, interactive show hosted by outdoor enthusiast, Owin Hays & co-host Dave Calhoun. This one-hour show is devoted to providing hunters and fishermen with the information they need including live reports, tech tips, river levels, and more. This interactive show also welcomes viewers to get involved through phone calls, picture submissions, and local reports.

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Florida Insider Fishing Report

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Addicted Fishing

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Sportsman's Adventures

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Northwest Fishing Reports is the Northwest's largest repository of fishing reports and historical fishing data for lakes, rivers and marine areas. Alongside our reports and trending data we have a large assortment of bathymetric maps, 1000's of GPS waypoints for finding the perfect spot, a huge video library, and hundreds of fishing related articles.

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Captain Sergio Atanes has a goal to educate both the young and old on how to catch more fish and protect our marine environment.  The future of our sport is the younger generation, we want to make sure they get the knowledge to enjoy one of the best outdoor sports around.  Anyone can learn to catch fish and have a good time you don’t need to be a born athletic to fish just have the desire to be in the great outdoors.

Join me Capt. Sergio Atanes as we team up to catch the big ones.  Please email me with your fish stories and if you have a special technique or place to catch you could be a guest on our show.

His show can be found in both Spanish and English broadcasts.

Listen and watch to on in Spanish:

 SuperQ1300 a.m. radio West Central Florida (we are live worldwide on the internet) every Saturday 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Watch us on:

America TV Saturday mornings West Coast of Florida

Mega TV national (Florida-Texas-California-New York and Puerto Rico) Sunday mornings.

English version called:

 Florida West Coast Fishing Report every Saturday morning 11:30 a.m. to 12;30 p.m. or follow us on Facebook and our YouTube channel.

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