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Videos for New Anglers

New to fishing? Have some specific question on what to use, how to use it and when to use it? Check out Okuma's series, Tune-Up Tuesdays where we go through and answer your questions on fishing with step by step guides that we keep you out on the water and increase your catch ratio.

Tune-Up Tuesday

NEW Okuma Apparel

The 2020 Okuma Fall Lineup has arrived. Mens and Womens apparel that will keep you on the water longer. From T-Shirts, Windbreakers, Work Shirts and new Hat Lineup, Okuma has really stepped forward in the apparel game.

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NEW Serrano Baitcast Reels

The NEW Okuma Serrano baitcast reels have arrived and are in stock.

Available in left and right hand retrieve, this compact low profile baitcast reel fits nicely in the palm of your hand and features great castability and stopping power.

This reel matches up nicely with the Okuma Serrano series of rods that are currently in the Okuma lineup.

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Soft Steel USA

Utilizing deep knowledge of fishing line production, extruding processes, and raw materials, Soft Steel USA was launched in 1992 by Tony Garza, a Long Range fishing expert that carries a deep rooted passion for fishing. With over 27 years, Soft Steel USA has a proven track record gaining recognition on the biggest boats in the industry such as The Excel, The Intrepid, The Tribute, and is backed by Okuma Fishing Tackle. Soft Steel products became a dominating force among fishing fleets and continues to be known for its extreme strength per diameter, low memory and exceptional knot strength as well as presenting Fluoro-Stretch, the industry’s first stretchable fluorocarbon leader, that has become a popular addition to any angler’s arsenal.


FishLab Tackle

At FishLab we learn by doing. The water is our lab and we love research! We know there’s a reason when a lure works, and that angling is part art and part science. It’s a puzzle where the pieces constantly change, sometimes in our favor... sometimes not. But, by applying decades of experience, bold creativity, a little patience and a lot of time on the water, we can better the odds of finding that successful formula. We know that making effective lures means understanding the target fish and the food they eat... and we do! FishLab lures are realistic, scientifically accurate, meticulously crafted, and designed for one purpose... to catch fish! FISHLAB. SCIENCE OF THE STRIKE.



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