Tried and True | The Okuma Cold Water Family of Line Counter Reels

Posted on Dec 12, 2022

By Dave Brown

Tried and True | The Okuma Cold Water Family of Line Counter Reels

The Okuma Cold Water 

Are you an angler looking for a reliable and feature-packed line counter reel? Look no further than the Cold Water family from Okuma. This impressive line of reels is constructed upon a powerful star drag foundation featuring heavy-duty machine cut brass gears, dual anti-reverse systems, and a full Carbonite drag system with up to 20 pounds of maximum drag output.

The Okuma Cold Water Family

The Cold Water family also includes new Okuma anti-fogging Clear View Technology, so you can easily see your line counter even in wet conditions. If the line counter should ever be overwhelmed by water, there’s an access port on the side of the unit that allows it to be quickly dried out. Additionally, the reset button has been recessed and placed on the side of the unit to eliminate any accidental resets.

Okuma's Cold Water family offers four sizes in right hand retrieve and three sizes in left hand retrieve, so lefties don't have to miss out on this excellent reel.  Whether you're after smallmouth bass or trolling salmon in deep water, you'll find that these reels can handle whatever you throw at them with ease.


With its powerful star drag foundation and advanced features like Clear View Technology and a recessed reset button, it's easy to see why anglers everywhere are turning to Okuma's Cold Water family for their fishing needs. Whatever type of fishing you do - freshwater or saltwater - this reliable line counter reel will help make sure your adventure is successful every time. So if you're looking for a premium reel that won't let you down - look no further than Okuma's Cold Water family!

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