Reeling in Success: Team Salty Scales Dives Deep into the Excellence of Okuma Fishing Tackle!

Posted on Jan 22, 2024

By Gene Chi

Reeling in Success: Team Salty Scales Dives Deep into the Excellence of Okuma Fishing Tackle!

As an avid angler who derives his livelihood from the aquatic world, I incessantly seek out and procure fishing gear. Despite my wife's argument that I possess an excess of tackle, I maintain that one can never have too much fishing equipment (Hence one of the reasons I started a performance shirt business called Salty Scales)

Salty Scales

As a YouTube influencer and guide who has collaborated with numerous outstanding fishing organizations, I was introduced to Okuma by Dave Brown approximately three years ago. Perhaps you have seen him featured on Okuma's social media platforms. Since then, I have had the pleasure of being part of the Okuma Ambassador program, where I have the opportunity to experiment with and assess new fishing reels, rods, and other exceptional fishing tackle. I must confess that prior to my association with Okuma, I had limited experience with their products. However, after extensive testing and a great camaraderie with the team, I realized that we had stumbled upon something that had the potential to be extraordinary.

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The Fishing Gear

Shortly after joining the ambassador program, Dave sent me a care package containing fishing rods, reels, and various fishing terminal. I was like a child on Christmas morning, and as my wife walked by, shaking her head, I smiled with glee. To me, my rods and reels are more than just equipment; they are an extension of myself when I'm on the water. Hence, I expect them to be sturdy and resilient yet smooth, akin to the mechanics of a fine watch. I hold my expectations high, and I couldn't wait to commence testing.

Okuma ITX Spinning Reel


My Favorite Inshore Okuma Rod & Reel Combo

We all have a favorite go-to setup, the one we instinctively reach for, even when we should be using a different rig. For me, that setup comprises the Cedros or Salina Spinning Reels paired up with the SRT fishing rods. I have been pushing these rods and reels to their limits for over two years and have yet to break either one. What I appreciate about these products is how they exhibit a perfect balance between sensitivity and power, making them ideal for a diverse range of fishing scenarios. Versatility is excellent; I can fish inshore for redfish, snook, and trout and then venture twenty miles offshore the next day, where I can bottom fish for mangrove snapper, hogfish, and more.


The SRT Inshore Premium rod has an outstanding balance between sensitivity and power. I enjoy the seven-foot or seven-in-a-half-foot medium-fast power rods. The SeaGuide deep press 316-stainless steel guide frames with SeaGuide Zirconium inserts are perfect for today's power braids.


The Powerhouse Reel

Okuma makes an incredible big game reel. The Makaira line is built like a tank. They are perfect for anyone venturing into big blue water or offshore. I could not be more impressed with the durability and the meticulous detail that gives the Makaira its prestige—everything from the helical cut gears for increased torque and the anodized aluminum frame to cut weight. Overall, I feel confident in my gear when I pick up a Makaira, and I know you will too.

Okuma Makaira


Product Feedback

Product testing is undoubtedly the most fun, but it's refreshing to have a company listen to constructive feedback and make necessary changes to improve their products. I wish more companies focused on value instead of only monetary gains.  Based in the Tampa Florida area, we spend a lot of time on the water, and put an excessive amount of hours on our gear.  Okuma takes our feedback and criticisms and praise to heart. Testing is key! Okuma excels in this area, and I hope they continue to do so. I can only imagine they will continue to make a large footprint in the outdoor market as time passes. Whether you are just starting your long obsession with fishing or if you are a tried-and-true expert. Okuma has products that cater to all fishing enthusiasts.

 We even helped out Okuma with their recent release of performance sun apparel. 

Okuma Performance Sun Apparel by Salty Scales

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Written by Joshua Taylor- Founder Salty Scales


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