Okuma Epixor XT Spinning Reels

The Okuma Epixor XT spinning reels are the next generation of a long standing family of spinning reels within the Okuma lineup.  Today’s anglers want lightweight reels that they can cast all day and strength and durability to turn and stop even the feistiest of fish.  The Expixor XT reels utilize advanced technologies to create both exceptional feel and rock solid durability.

 Okuma Epixor XT Spinning Reel

The Epixor XT spinning reels were designed with the latest technology and insight from leading fishermen around the country.  The Epixor XT features graphite side plates and rotor, and Okuma’s C-40X long-strand carbon fiber construction on its TCA- Torsion Control Armor frame design.  Another key technology in the Epixor XT reels is the slow oscillation system.  This slower oscillation system gives an exceptional line lay upon retrieve, and is optimized for use with braided line.


“With the popularity of the Epixor family of reels over the years, we decided to introduce the current generation as the strongest, most durable yet,” stated John Bretza, Product Development Manager.  “Its light weight design and great cosmetics, combined with the strength and durability of the C-40X process, make this a reel we are proud to feature in the Okuma lineup.”

 Okuma Epixor XT Spinning Reel

The Epixor XT spinning reels brings its technology to three key sizes.  A 20, 30, and 40 size reel.  The three sizes all contain eight total stainless steel bearings and depending on reel size, between 11-19lbs of drag out of its multi-disc, Japanese oiled felt drag washers. 


The key features on the Epixor XT spinning reels include the Torsion Control Armor which increases strength and reduces frame twist.  The slow oscillation system and cyclonic flow rotor keep your line lay even and dry.  The Epixor XT also has a metal handle design as well as machined aluminum 2-tone anodized spool with LCS lip to reduce wind knots.

 Okuma Epixor XT Spinning Reel

The Epixor XT spinning reels at a starting retail price of $69.99 and backed by a 1-year warranty.  For more information, please visit www.okumafishingusa.com.

  • Apr 27, 2018
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