The dawn of a new age of bass specific reels has arrived. The Hakai is the most advanced reel the segment has ever seen, bringing a perfect balance of lightness, strength and design.

Through its advanced technology, the Hakai brings an unprecedented bass fishing experience to any angler.

Reels with Okuma's LiteCast structure are composed using a magnesium material in the casting process, making the integrity of the reel incredibly strong & 15% lighter than alluminium alloy reels. The Hakai Reel has a LiteCast frame with treatment for corrosion resistance. Its compact body weighs only 167gr(5.9 oz)

Patented hollow stainless steel main shaft with presision SUS balls pressed on 2 ends. This provides the perfect balance between weight, strength and smoothness

Dream Tacke Design super tuned spool, 33mm O/D 0.4mm uniform thickness. The spool assay weighhs only 9.5g (0.33oz) with bearings that can be used for an ultra-wide casting range


The Hakai is equipped with Okuma’s Universal Line Diameter Indicator, so that anglers always know what line you spooled on your reel as soon as you pick it up.

Okuma’s C-40X carbon technology utilizes a specially blended graphite polymer. The carbon fibers in this material are elongated & reinforced, creating a substantially stronger composite than standard graphite materials. The Hakai is built with a C-40x star drag, adding to its lightweight & durable construction.