What Inspires You?

People fish for many reasons but they all have one thing in common - the love for the sport. What is it that inspires you to wake up and make your way to the water? Is it the beauty of nature? Is it the opportunity to relax in complete solitude? Is it a way to spend time with friends and family? Or, do you enjoy the pure adrenaline from chasing your next personal best? We want to know what inspires you!

Marlin LeFever - Addicted Fishing

Marlin LeFever of Addicted Fishing NW gives us a little insight on what inspires him to be out on the water. Having had some really hard times growing up, Marlin found peace and solace out on the water.

Cameron Black - Addicted Fishing

Cameron Black has grown up in and around the waters of the Pacific North West. As a guide, he gets inspired by taking his clients out and getting them hooked into a fish of a lifetime. What Inspires You?

James Marko - Goliath Fishing

Captain James Marko of Goliath Fishing has the opportunity to put his clients into possibly the largest fish they will ever battle. Some time by rod and reel, sometimes by rope. He is also a biologist in Florida and does tagging work for the state which allows him to do so. This video gives us a little insight into what keeps him Inspired to getting out on the water.

Todd Kline - FLW & Okuma Pro

Nature Inspires me with her beauty and the unknown of what might be around the corner. What bird is making that sound? What animals might I see today? What will be my big fish of the day? The list goes on and on as nature inspires me daily and every moment is different. - FLW and Okuma Pro Todd Kline

Gil Perez - Sales Manager

Gil Perez of Okuma gives us a little insight into what inspires him to get out on the water. For Gil, its the solitude and the recharge that keeps him fresh and motivated.

Mark Lassagne - Bass Angler Magazine

Mark Lassagne of Bass Angler Magazine is inspired by just that, Bass! The anticipation of the next days fishing is what gets him up early and on the water. Studying the lake, bait seletion and the execution. It all keeps him inspired. 

Shea McIntee - Stoked On Fishing

Shea McIntee is the host of the Stoked On Fishing television show and is truly stoked to be out on the water. We had the chance to ask him what inspires him to be out on the water. His love for the adventure, memories and the opportunity to meet new people and experience new areas keep him going.

Austin Neary

Austin Neary of Dream Catchers Fishing Supply in Western North Carolina recently sat down and told us what inspires him. For Austin, it is all about chasing and catching big bass. Tying on a big bait and getting a new angler into their first big bass is what drives him.

Rebekka Redd - Okuma Pro Staff

I’m inspired by the early rising sun, being up to witness fish feeding and tailing in the water, and casting a fly to them. I am inspired by the gorgeous lakes, rivers, and endless forest or jungle I see when I’m fishing. It’s the seizing of opportunities and taking on life with nothing but passion, enthusiasm and excitement. I am inspired by adventure. - Rebekka Redd 

John Bretza - Director of Product Development

Okuma Product Development Manager John Bretza sits down with us and tells us what inspires him to get out on the water and go fishing. His boys are a big part of his life and John takes every opportunity to get them out on the water.

Denis Isbister - Wild Fish Wild Places TV

The feeling of exploring an area that has never been fished, the hard work that goes into getting to places less traveled, climbing into a float plane early in the morning, throwing into an area where the fish attack with reckless abandonment, this is what I live for and more than anything.... It is the Adventure that inspires me! - Denis Isbister

Dave Brown - Sr. Marketing Specialist

Okuma's Dave Brown loves to be out on the water. Freshwater or Saltwater it really doesn't matter. From the smell of the salt air to the sun rising over the horizon, he has memories growing up with his father out on the water. It's those subtle moments that most people pass up that really keep him inspired.


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